Sciatica is pain caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerve. The Sciatic nerve is the longest and the important nerve in the body. When this nerve is irritated, it causes pain. The pain would range from mild to severe. Sciatic pain originates from the lower back and radiates to the buttocks, thighs and legs on one side. What Causes Sciatica? Sciatica pain occurs when the sciatic nerve gets pinched due to

Trigeminal Neuralgia is a chronic pain caused by the irritation of the trigeminal nerve. It causes severe pain from the lower jaw to the brain.  People with this problem experience intense, stabling and shock like pain and it may extend from lower jaw to forehead. The pain will be triggered even with mild actions such as brushing teeth, putting on makeup, or while eating. The pain would be for a

Vertigo is just a symptom rather than a medical condition. People with vertigo feel like they are spinning or the world around them is spinning. Vertigo can be either temporary or permanent. It can occur for any age group. What Causes Vertigo? Vertigo is usually caused by problems with the inner ear or brain. The common causes include: Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV): BPPV occurs when tiny calcium particles get collected in the

Headache is the pain or discomfort in any portion of the head or face. It is one of the common issues in children. There are different types of headache and treatment varies from one type to other. If your child is suffering from sudden or severe headache, consider contacting a doctor immediately. What Causes Headaches in Children? Headaches are generally caused due to tight muscles in the head. There could be several other

There are millions of people who get affected by seizures and epilepsy. Many people have a misconception about seizures and epilepsy. Though they both seem to be same, there is a vast difference between them.  Let’s understand the difference between them. What is a Seizure? The brain consists of billions of neurons, which interact with each other to process and transmit information. This helps your brain and body to function normally. But

A tension headache is the most common type of headache. It can cause mild, moderate, or intense pain behind your eyes and in your head and neck. Some people say that a tension headache feels like a tight band around their forehead. Most people who experience tension headaches have episodic headaches. These occur one or two times per month on average. However, tension headaches can also be chronic. A tension

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