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Dr K Shivanand Reddy

Dr K Shivanand Reddy
Consultant Neurosurgeon
10 Years of Experience

Dr K Shivanand Reddy

Dr K Shivanand Reddy is a consultant Neurosurgeon specialised in invasive spine surgery and cerebrovascular surgery. He pursued his MBBS from 2006 to 2012, MS from 2012 to 2015 and Mch in Neurosurgery from 2015 to 2018. His MS post-graduation was taken from MMC, Mysore and he acquired the gold medal in it. His MCh specialisation is in Neurosurgery from NIMS, Hyderabad. He also specialised in minimally invasive spine surgery from Wooridul hospital, South Korea. Further specialisation in cerebrovascular surgery from Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, Canada. After that specialisation in pain management from Dardia clinic, Kolkata.

A recipient of several awards for his academic performance and other efforts, Dr K Shivanand Reddy has also contributed with articles that have been published in peer-reviewed publications and presented at both national and international conferences. Besides his professional commitments, Dr K Shivanand Reddy has membership in NSI, Apnsa, Tnsa.

He conducted many paper presentations in various national and international conferences and was awarded multiple national and international awards. He published 31 articles in various national and international journals and has been published in peer-reviewed publications. Besides the academic laurels, he has experienced for 2 years as a consultant at Aster Prime, Sunshine, Gachibowli, Ajara hospitals and Srinivasa pinnacle at Warangal.

A friendly manner with the patients to make them comfortable during the diagnosis and procedures is the very important thing he used to maintain. He can make succinct requests and listen to symptoms, allowing them to make quick decisions in emergency scenarios. He could manage the time to talk with patients, perform procedures and complete paperwork. He has the emotional intelligence to listen and interpret patients as they explain their symptoms.

He could carefully analyze the proper diagnoses and consistently obeyed all surgical procedures and techniques. He constantly acquires the latest technology and the advancements being made in the field of neurosurgery. He has effective management of personnel resources and the ability to lead a team and utilize everyone’s skill set to the fullest potential.

He has a comprehensive knowledge of medicine who expertise with numerous types of medical software. He ensures the best possible pre and post-surgical care to the patients confined in the esteemed hospital. He also takes on more responsibilities as a surgeon by fulfilling minor and outpatient surgical procedures. He expertise in diagnosis, as well as treatment with a strong interest in the human nervous system and the various disorders affecting it. He can truly handle the patient with humanity.

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