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How Poor Posture affects your Back Pain ?

Many people experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. Repetitive actions such as sitting at a computer for hours, lifting and carrying something can cause back pain. But in most cases, people experience lower or upper back pain during a day. Bad or poor body posture can also lead to back pain and also affects the position and functioning of the abdominal organs. With bad postures, the loads on spine disperse incorrectly and it affects the tissues in the lower back.

There are many things that can help reduce back pain such as good body posture, maintaining a healthy diet, and physical fitness. Good posture not only reduces back pain but also improves overall health.

Common Unsupported Body Postures

Daily activities such as sitting, standing, walking, lifting, bending requires a combination of actions. But while doing those activities, people tend to develop habits such as:

  • Slouching on couch or office chair
  • Lying on belly on the bed while reading or using a laptop
  • Sitting on the bed and working with laptop
  • Bending forward while washing dishes for a long time
  • Using a vacuum cleaner with a single hand and performing long hand movements
  • Putting body weight on one leg while standing
  • Lifting heavy objects from the floor by bending the back

By using any of the above bad body postures, you would experience back pain. A poor lifestyle and lack of physical activity can also cause back pain.

How Does a Poor Posture Cause Back Pain?

When you use some incorrect body postures, stress may develop in several areas of tissues, spinal joints, and disc. For instance,

  • Hunching while standing or sitting for a long time can strain back, abdominal muscles, and core. It then reduces blood supply and develops stiffness in the lower back and trunk.
  • The unsupported sitting posture causes forward bend on the spine. This forward bend can add load on the lower spinal discs and thereby causes herniation
  • Incorrect weight lifting can cause the disc to herniate and causes pain in the lower back
  • Working on a laptop by resting on the belly makes lower back to extend more and it alters the dynamics of the spinal curve

You do not need to put much effort to maintain proper body postures. It may take time to change your incorrect body posture and you need to keep yourself aware of the wrong postures.

How to Maintain Good Body Postures?

The following are the tips to help maintain good body posture:

  • While walking, keep the head balanced above the spine and look straight
  • While sitting on a chair and working for long hours, take support for your back and your head over the spine. Use a pillow under the chair to support your back.
  • To lift an object from the floor, squat down by keeping back straight and bend your knees

It is important to maintain correct and supportive body postures to reduce pressure on the tissues. If you still experience back pain after following good body postures, you should consider visiting a doctor to get the proper diagnosis.

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